AprilWebsite launched, white paper released

Website launch, token release, liquidity provision, airdrop activity, white paper release.

Governance token release, users can obtain governance token KNOWI by providing and staking KNOW/IOTX liquidity

Core value


The first dapp to cultivate blockchain users

By making blockchain knowledge into interesting questions and answers, users can participate in answering by holding meta-pebble NFT. The process of answering is a process of learning and improving cognition. In this way, we will continue to improve everyone's understanding of the blockchain for a long time.


Know to earn

The first Dapp about "Know to earn",Based on meta-pebble (IOTEX public chain), a trusted true random number can be obtained after user authorization.Finally, 100 users who answered correctly will be randomly selected for token rewards.


Rich type of knowledge

Whether you are a blockchain novice or a master, you can find the joy of learning and improve your cognition in Know-to-earn. know-to-earn builds a blockchain knowledge system through a large number of various dimensions and types


Encourage knowledge creation

We know that only by opening the ecosystem to users can a large number of comprehensive and systematic blockchain knowledge bases emerge. We will open it up to users to create Q&A.


Blockchain Knowledge Base

With more and more Q&A in the knowledge database, a huge blockchain knowledge database will be formed. Each Q&A will be minted as a NFT, It will be translated into global languages and open to the global users. Support global users to conduct knowledge retrieval by consuming KNOW, NFT minters get benefits.


Data center

Through the mining of massive data, the knowledge structure system of global blockchain users can be presented, and suggestions for the development of global blockchain can be provided, and personalized blockchain governance suggestions can be provided for governments of different countries.

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About us

The blockchain is developing at a high speed, but the threshold of the blockchain is very high. Moreover, there is currently no systematic blockchain resource. I hope we can create a blockchain knowledge graph with users. And give appropriate decentralized financial attributes, mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone to participate in creation and learning, and jointly maintain this knowledge base. Finally, improve the awareness of blockchain users and contribute to the development of the global blockchain industry.